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Richmond’s Choice for Stone Counters: Read Tips for Maintaining Yours

The stones used at Rightway Stone Art in Richmond consist of granite, limestone, onyx, travertine, marble, slate, quartz and soapstone. Each has unique qualities and material composition that must be considered when discussing care and maintenance. For example, granite varieties have different characteristics of density and porosity, just as they do in color and natural beauty. Depending upon the stone you select, Rightway Stone Art will advise you about products and cleaning schedules. Cleaning is typically as simple as using water and a mild soap or cleaner on a regular basis, depending upon the use of the stone.

white kitchen island

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

Regardless of the stone, moderate care while using the stone will help assure lasting beauty, quality and safety. How and where food is prepared on a kitchen countertop and how the area is has a significant impact on the safety of the space. As with any stone product, it is advisable to avoid cutting on the stone or using abrasive materials or products. Avoid prolonged acid contact with the stone and use cleaning products according to manufacturers’ instructions; this will help ensure that the stone you select will be as satisfying after five years as it is the first day it was installed.

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Stone Care International

Rightway Stone Art recommends the use of cleaning and maintenance products from Stone Care International (SCI). Those products are used by Rightway Stone Art during the final stages of installation and are available in our showroom. Please visit the SCI website for more information.

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Engineered Stone

Quartz-engineered stone products require minimum care and maintenance. As with any man-made material, care should be exercised with the use of caustic materials, high temperatures and sharp objects. Maintenance is minimal—just use a little water and an over-the-counter mild cleaning product. Since each quartz supplier has their recommended procedures and products, we suggest that you consult with one of our qualified staff with any questions.

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