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Stone Countertops in the Lower Mainland

Sleek, Stylish, and Elegant Counters From Our Passionate Team

Rightway Stone Art is a home improvement company specializing in stone countertops. Our Lower Mainland-based team prides itself on installing premium quality products at reasonable prices and has done so since 2006. Our husband-and-wife team combines their passions for design and creativity to dramatically improve the look and feel of our customers’ homes. Now you can experience the benefits of working with our visionary professional team. Look no further for enduring, elegant, and stylish countertops.

bathroom vanity

Versatility and Quality Across the Board

Our greatest strength as designers is our versatility. We can use our stonework knowledge to reimagine a household kitchen to maximize space and infuse plenty of sophistication. Our team can handle our end of a bathroom remodel and provide you with the best option for your house. We also have extensive experience in the commercial field, helping restaurants and more achieve premium class and utility. No matter what, you can count on durability and top-flight quality from our team.

We Offer a Massive Range of Choices

Our customers enjoy the privilege of choosing from an array of stone options. For instance, luxury granite is one of our most popular options due to its appearance and durability. It comes in various styles and colors, too. We also regularly install marble countertops prized for their sophisticated appearance and unique nature. Quartz is another option, which provides versatility, durability, easy maintenance, and anti-bacterial properties in spades.

Name Brand Stone Countertops & More in Richmond

Rightway Stone Art in Richmond works with leading manufacturers to bring you top-quality brands to finish your countertops, floors, stairs and bathroom renovations.

Some of the brands we work with include:


Ready to Start Your Next Project?

Get a Detailed Free Estimate From Our Team Today

We are eager and excited to remake your kitchen or bathroom space. All you need to do is submit a rough drawing of your space with measurements. Don’t worry about being a great artist or having architectural skills. Ensure your estimate includes sinks, stoves, and counter overhang measurements. From there, we will crunch the numbers and supply an accurate and honest estimate.